Final Major Project

July 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m using this blog to record my final major project online.

I wasn’t thinking about what to do for my project about until a couple of days ago. My job was ending and I had the head space to consider it. I asked myself, what am I really interested in? What is going to continually interest me for a whole year? What’s complex enough to find issues in, but simple enough for me to fully understand? Or maybe not fully – perhaps it would be a more interesting project if along the way I gain understanding.

The answer was right in front of me. On my CV it says:

‘I am interested in non-material solutions to our problems. We strive for new products in our society, but this is not sustainable – could new systems or services sustain our economies instead? I believe that designers need to take a hand in rethinking complex systems, such as those in hospitals. The key to these systems is multidisciplinary teams.’

That’s a mini manifesto right there that I wrote some time ago without even realising! I need a project to back up what’s on my CV. It’s a big area to look at, with lots of potential paths. A quick breakdown of the obvious issues:

Material culture is unsustainable

Western dissatisfaction – shopping is the answer

Environment suffers – eventually we’ll pay the true price

Services as a solution to sustaining economy in place of material goods

Capitalism is more valued than human life – is economics that important?

Services making people more satisfied with life

Designers taking part in national systems (hospitals, prisons, transport, politics)

People trained as designers taking part in designing stuff they haven’t been asked to before

Multidisciplinary teams – leading to breakdown of one person, one talent? Everyone having multiple skills?


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