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October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Listening to Steely Dan, Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones and knowing every note (though why can’t I remember Sarah Vaughan stuff as well? I got into her when I was 17 or so; my maths teacher at school told me that your memory peaks at 14 and it’s all downhill from there. 14 was when I knew every note to everything I had heard even a couple of times before. Is there a project here?)

I can’t remember Sarah Vaughan. Image from, edited.

A bit about the Israeli culture – you can understand British culture when you have a point of reference from somewhere else. You can only really understand our society through looking at the alternatives. I don’t want to do a project on Israel, too many political problems to handle. I do like their culture of craft at home though – everyone makes their own jewellery. Also I like the way they look out for each other. Richard Paice said that people used to do that here too before the welfare system came into being – now the attitude is, let the state look after other people.

Extremes of emotion (though I’m not manic depressive)

Private school system – a bubble of a girls school in the green belt

Three different universities

Being middle class

‘Culture’: museums and galleries (the V&A is homely to me), gigs and concerts, plays and other theatre (the Shaftesbury Theatre is even more homely – I work there and have been going to performances there for years before), occasional restaurants

Jobs I’ve done: usher/barmaid at theatre, vampire in horror house, promotion for clubs, club front of house, admin in a school, life model, tour guide, SEO page writer.

Directly related to design: editorial intern at icon, shop assistant in furniture shop, volunteer for Kinetica Art fair and LDF, Designersblock intern, Arabeschi di Latte collaborator, founded Adopt-a-Grandma


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