Stuff I’m interested in leading to some ideas

October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve highlighted some things to make this a bit easier to read… initially I thought they were particular interests of mine but actually there’s a project in everything here, with lots of crossovers. I’d better make a diagram, probably tomorrow.


Making things better
Making systems work better

Having an idea that will change things – in particular people’s lives, for the better
Satisfaction and dissatisfaction within our society – dissatisfaction engineered so we buy material goods?
Potential collapse of capitalism
The apocalypse
Possible futures
A future where everyone is over educated so nobody wants to be a cleaner – a dirtier world or would the robots do it? Self cleaning streets?

How we interact with technology – and other objects – in a sometimes anthopomorphic way. A list of those ways:
My brother tucking his iPad into bed
Charlotte kicking the locked door that nobody knew how to unlock
Bud wiggling his fingers as with a magic trick every time he sent an email
Kicking vending machines
Banging the side of the TV when it’s fuzzy – in the hope it will start to work

Dyslexia and how apparently the government are throwing funding at dyslexic people because a large percentage of prisoners are dyslexic. Dyslexic people have lost out in our society, which has been built for lexics.

Community and fear of meeting new people in that context – fear of other age groups

Illusions, particularly with materials – something soft that you thought would be hard and vice versa

Networking and collaborating

Sleeping in the city – in a place where it’s allowed, not outside

Hemingway and Fitzgerald – disillusioned characters, break of american dream, glamour and romance, rise of women

How millions of people are starving and one woman spends £1mill on a bath for herself, and god knows how much on a house. After a certain point it doesn’t matter, surely, if you spend half as much – you’d still have an incredible lifestyle. This excess is not healthy – but if the world’s wealth was redistributed through an excess of charity, the capitalist system would have huge problems – so I’ve been told, I don’t understand the problems.

How most people don’t understand the big political problems.
A website for people clueless about politics providing easy to understand info about current issues. This is what the conservatives think, and this is what labour thinks. As unbiased as possible. Input from all sides, but not with arguments meant to persuade in an unbalanced way – the facts. I had this idea some time ago but didn’t have the right people to help me implement it.

The future of the environment – those images that were displayed in the Museum of London. Postcards From The Future

Inspiration. Being inspiring, finding someone inspirational for someone else, stimulating other people creatively and intellectually – something I greatly appreciate from other people.

Introducing people to each other – romantically and for networking. How can I improve how I introduce people so they don’t feel awkward? I know shy people who would get on but how do they get started?

Singing with a band – I really miss it

Summer and associated happiness.

Providing support for people with depression, breaking the taboo

Being jewish – the traditions without the god

The resonance in objects making the objects vibrate when a sound of the same frequency is nearby – consequently mobile phones vibrate in the car occasionally with a car sound. My cardboard boxes, one inside the other, vibrated when I was next to a street. Phenomenon!


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