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October 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t know if design agents exist already, at least under the title of agent.

My dad is a musician and he has an agent who gets him work by connecting him to producers of musicals and concerts. As I understand it, she takes commission from his contract with the producer, and secures him a good business deal. An agent is particularly needed for musicians and actors who tend to not be so great with business knowledge.

Designers often are good with business knowledge, but there will be some who are not. Graduates, for example, often want to work within a big company to find their feet.

I think designers would find it useful to have an agent to connect them to the people they want to work for. I imagine connecting collaborators for projects too, not within the strict kind of system in place for musicians and actors.

Usually people find collaborators through networking events, but what if you’re unable to come to networking events – perhaps you have children, or mobility limitations, or maybe you don’t actually enjoy networking events. Using a design agent would be an alternative.

I had this idea because I’ve found myself recommending that designers get in touch with other designers quite frequently. I like introducing people to each other, and I thought about being a music agent some time ago. The problem is that you have to know everyone, and although I’ve been aware of many designers over the last seven years, I haven’t been old enough for them to take me seriously as a contact. Even when I graduate, not many companies are going to take a recent graduate seriously enough to pay them to find them some good people to employ.

I think I’ll have to sit on this idea for a few years until I build up a good reputation for myself.


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