Potential problem with trying to make people more satisfied

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Maybe life would be less interesting.

Sean Hall said that life would be boring if everyone was satisfied. To an extent I agree. You need dissatisfaction to motivate you to change your life. If everyone was satisfied, nothing would change.

However I think that excess dissatisfaction, a complete inability to ever be happy with what you have, is depressing.

He said that people like seeing other people dissatisfied – schadenfreude I suppose.

Also he said that if you have everything and were completely satisfied, then what? That would be boring. I think it’s the ‘then what’ that is dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction is wanting more, it’s ‘ok I have this – what can I have next’ – and that’s never ending.

Perhaps if our society understood what economically poorer societies have, we’d appreciate what we have more.

I can’t help feeling that I should research Buddhist teachings – I don’t know much but I know that they teach to appreciate what you already have, for inner peace or something. Also there are as many Buddhists as Jews in the UK – 0.4% each.


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