October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Image from Cartomanzia Precaria

As designers we are faced with precariousness – in whether we get work, how creative we’re going to be today, and our process in general. Precariousness has negative connotations but if we accept it’s going to happen, we can work with it.

This is what Dr Bridget Conor was saying at her lecture today. She is trying to make this term more widely used and accepted.

The problem with new terms is that people don’t know how to fit them in their own lives until they fully understand them, and PhD students don’t quite know how to introduce their idea sometimes to a new set of people not in their university bubble.

Still by the end of the lecture, I feel I understand what they mean. However I don’t feel at odds with it. I accept precariousness, I know it will inevitably happen. My dad is a musician and has been in and out of work all my life. I know myself and how I work – I will work intensely and then be exhausted and sometimes make myself ill. I let the bad times flow and know that the good will come round again. I will let myself do what I need to and end up having loads of ideas. I accept my needs and I feel this is good for my creativity. It is thankfully in my nature to work hard – I am passionate about my work so it is a pleasure to put my time into it, but when I need to stop, I do.

Stuff Dr Bridget recommended:
Mute Magazine – good article about squatters

Carrotworkers Collective – article about working for free

Precarious Workers Brigade – people with idealistic but unrealistic aims. No more unpaid internships? I don’t think so. I think unpaid internships can work on a short term or freelance basis to a point. They can make it worth it by trying to give you learning experiences, and you make it worth it by enjoying it. If you’re not learning or having fun, it’s probably not worth working for free.



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