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Image by Tomas Valenzuela-Blejer

This is my blog about my final year at Goldsmiths on the BA Design course. I designed a toolkit to help young women go on a self-discovery adventure into their well-being. The project is continuing beyond university – for updates on how it evolves, and for more images from Superhero Badge Workshops, go to my main website liorsmith.wordpress.com.

Well-being is one of the most important aspects of our lives, yet can be elusive and difficult to maintain. The New Economics Foundation, a think tank, summarises well-being as ‘Connect, Give, Be Active, Take Notice, and Keep Learning’. Every day I have tried to do something in each of these categories, and as a result I have found that in particular when I am giving to and interacting with others I feel better. To help me look out for opportunities to employ these strategies, I wore a superhero outfit in my community. Passing on what I’ve learnt might help other people maximise their well-being too: it’s not as easy to smile at strangers as you might think.

I also ran the blog for the degree show, www.goldsmithsdesign2012.wordpress.com. You can contact me at liorsmith@hotmail.com.

Images are my own unless otherwise stated. No further information will be posted on this website, please go to liorsmith.wordpress.com to find out how the project is evolving.


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