Capitalism –> Democratic Economic System?

October 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Michael Moore talks to Jeremy Paxman about the Wall Street Occupation on the BBC here.

He says that perhaps a new system will be invented out of this – ‘this’ being all the protests and discontent over the capitalist system. He kept repeating ‘they’ve had it’. He suggested a democratic economic system, because it’s not fair that 1% of Americans get 40% of the ‘pie’.

I don’t think it’s fair that there are billionaires who have so much money they don’t know what to do with it while there are people that starve. How many people could one billionaire support?

At the same time I believe hard working people should be rewarded. I’m not spending years and years in education for nothing. I’m going to work hard my whole life to contribute to society, and I expect to have a good lifestyle because of it – a better one than someone who makes no effort to do anything. The people that sit around living on the dole don’t deserve the same rewards as me. But they also don’t deserve to starve.

Perhaps we need a more equal system. Perhaps the language of money has got out of control.

I don’t think designing a new political and economic system can be done in an undergraduate degree project – not a good one anyway. But I would like to do a project this year that will attract that project after my degree. I would love to help design a system like that, working with politicians, sociologists, psychologists, historians and economists.

How awesome would that be?

Can I design the conditions in which that project can take place? A platform for political system designing. Who would be on this ideal super team?

If you have any thoughts I’d be grateful if you commented on this post.


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