Giving out the satisfaction workbooks

November 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I made these satisfaction workbooks in an intense day – and bound them in a couple of hours over the next couple of days. I put off giving them out because I was afraid of people not bothering to do them, but also because I wanted a range of people to input information. I didn’t want to just know about what students think about satisfaction.

So I’ve given them out to people at work. It’s anonymous and I haven’t asked for age or sex in the workbook. Perhaps I should have, but I reckon I could guess.

Here’s who I gave them to:
Steven – 40s black man, parent
Fiona – 20s mixed girl
Dennis – 30s Swedish man
Sole – 20s/30s Spanish girl
New girl from eastern Europe I think – 20s
Rita – 40s Phillipino lady
Cristina – 20s/30s Greek lady
Diane – 40s/50s white lady
Vinny – 30s Italian man
Guy who’s an evil actor – 30s white man
Gay pudgey guy – 40s white man
Strange Christian guy – 30s/40s Italian man
Tomas – teens German man

So that’s one more man than woman, but it’s quite evenly spread between the ages of 18-early 50s, but maybe she’s in her late 40s, I don’t want to insult her.

There’s different ethnicities and cultures too. The thing we have in common is that we work in a theatre in the same show, but we’ve all worked for different times and we’re on different levels of the hierarchy.

That’s only 13. I thought I had brought 15 with me but perhaps not. I’ve reserved some because I do want my family’s input. I’m going to send a couple to my grandparents. I know my parents will have something interesting to say. And I’m going to give it to my 10 year old brother because I want to know what a 10 year old thinks too.

The thing is, even if we are under similar circumstances and even if some of the participants know each other well, we’re still going to have different ideas on satisfaction. My mum has different ideas from me, and I have different ideas from my brother and other girls my age. I wonder what our ideas of satisfaction are based on? Is it a case of nature and nurture? Is it important to know?

Maybe. Satisfaction seems to be very individual and personal on an anecdotal level. I can’t wait to see what will happen with the results of this booklet. I hope we’ll find that people find similar things deeply satisfying. I hope some people will think deeply about it.


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