This could be the outcome to my project!

November 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

But it’s not, someone else has done it first.

This is a very brave man.

In particular, the 3 As of Awesome are one way to look at what’s been going on in my project.

Attitude – bad stuff will happen to you. You can either wallow in misery or grieve then make an effort to carry on. Having a good attitude is about making the effort to be positive.

Awareness – bring out ‘your inner three year old’ – feel the sense of wonder of seeing things for the first time. I don’t think it needs to feel like the first time, at least in my case. If that’s how other people need to see it, or if that’s how people can understand it, it’s a good way of explaining it. For me it’s more about appreciating whatever you can.

Authenticity – be true to yourself. If you know yourself and do what you like doing, you will end up meeting people you find interesting, going places you like going, and will enjoy life more.

If you live by these three As, Neil Pasricha says, you will live a more satisfied life.

I couldn’t agree more.


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