An Ultimate Satisfying Experience: Blogging

December 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

For my satisfaction project, it seems sensible to design some ultimate satisfying experiences.

After a couple of weeks of trying to explain what satisfaction is to my 10 year old brother, he finally got it. (The description he understood was something that made him feel good, and after it’s finished he really wants to do it again – an incomplete description of satisfaction, but it seems to be the final piece in the puzzle for his understanding of it).

He loves computers, the internet and money. He sets up ‘companies’ with his school friends where they sell ‘inventions’ – he used to draw faces on toilet roll tubes and they were the toilet roll men army, 20p each. Now he sets up a new blog every couple of months with a new idea. The one he’s got at the moment has the most followers (mostly his own friends).

His criteria for the ultimate satisfying blog experience is:
1. On his own computer, a new Mac, where he knows where all his files are
2. The blog must be WordPress or a better one he hasn’t found yet
3. The blog would be about Apple, since he’s a big fan
4. He would have thousands of comments and visitors
5. He would have Google Ads on the blog so he can make money
6. People would talk about his blog on TV for more money

Tamir enjoys making blogs regardless of whether he’s making money from it or not right now. He believes that one day he will make money from it, so he is working towards that. He likes setting challenges for himself and experimenting with different hosts and ideas for blogs. Even if he didn’t understand what satisfaction is, it would seem that he finds a great deal of satisfaction from blog writing, especially when his friends visit his site.


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