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December 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Count your blessings: an installation in a public space that people can add their own words of thanks to using microphones. Voice recognition technology would analyse the words used and generate statistics and interesting visuals.

Give people more opportunities to learn how to be happy: Make Enfield Happy, Make Hackney Happy – do Making Slough Happy again. Or open brain training centres where a variety of courses and events designed to promote well being take place: therapies inc. CBT and laughter classes, meditation, perspectives from different religions and how we can take on some ideas in a secular way, singing workshops, gardening perhaps, etc; would need involvement of people around the community. The variety helps to appeal to as many people as possible.

Encourage real lunch breaks: no more eating at desks. Take the opportunity to socialise and enjoy food. Breaks boost productivity. A space away from the workplace, free to use and indoors, where people can feel comfortable and eat around a table. This could be a campaign for businesses to do it themselves, or I could help several workplaces set up this space.

An advent calendar a bit like Making Slough Happy’s Manifesto: one small thing every day of the month that will make your life better. I could set this up over the internet and send it to people, but I’d rather people linked it to something physical and see it on their way to work. Perhaps it could be another installation.

Promoting communities and relationships: this can be done through all the above ideas depending on their specifics. E.g. the advent calendar can recommend talking to a loved one for one hour.


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