The Worried Well

December 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Perhaps we are a nation of ‘the worried well’.

If the recent Happiness Index study in Britain is to be believed, we’re actually quite happy. Is there a reason for change if that’s the case?

It’s difficult to find any truth in scientific studies. Statistics can be framed for whatever purpose you might have. I’m trying to find deliberate reasons for action. If we’re all apparently happy, is there a point?

The thing is, if we were all happy, we wouldn’t have riots and protests. But then I suppose it’s only one section of society that’s unhappy. Not everyone is protesting. Yet, my interest isn’t in making the rioters happier. I’m interested in changing our culture – I want to encourage people to help each other, because there’s evidence that it will make the helpers and the helped happy in a deeper way, and also because helping each other will make things better in general, I believe. If I help you with your work, then you might achieve your aims better, and your work in turn will be helping someone else. It’s difficult to achieve aims all by yourself. Yes, connecting people is what I’m interested in, for those reasons.

I’m also interested in how to change attitudes, but maybe it’s not necessary. Counting our blessings will make us appreciate our lives more. Perhaps if we did that, we’d realise that really we are all right, and we are quite a happy country. Is that a good enough reason for doing something about it? I like the idea of bringing a religious tradition back in a secular way.

Today I’m not sure if there’s any point to changing things for the better in this country if we’re ok. My reasoning before was: deal with what you know, then you’ll know how to deal with it, so you can deal with it in places you don’t know. I think it’s fair enough reasoning – it requires seeing this project as part of a long journey to making life better.

‘Making life better’ – how? I hate to be vague. I hate to be specific too. Today is not a good day for being positive.


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