Context Report done!

January 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here are images of the finished version of my context report (dissertation in non-Goldsmiths language). We had to make two identical copies. I hand bound both. Surprisingly, and thanks to my practice by making hand bound books as presents for my friends and family, the actual binding didn’t take that long. What took the most time was the research and writing, and almost comparable to that time was the agonising over the graphic layout of the book in the final few weeks. As someone not especially experienced with graphics apart from putting together my portfolio last year and reading some books about it, the graphic bit was hard. In fact, all the aspects of making this book were challenging, but satisfyingly so.

I found some yellow tracing paper in Paperchase and put them on the title pages for each chapter. Initially I was going to cut windows in yellow paper for the text, but that would have meant quite a bit more extra cutting. Aesthetically I prefer this finish too.

Both copies included DVDs of the research films I made – including the Ultimate Satisfying Experience films.

Ideally I would have liked to press the books a bit longer – I’d only bound them the night before. I hope they’re kept under everyone else’s books, not on top, or when I get it back the front cover might still be wonky like this! Here’s hoping they kept us in alphabetical order.

To make the titles, I considered using a letter press but there weren’t any accessible ones. I wanted to get round having to print paper and then bind the book so the title is exactly in the middle – it’s easier to do it the other way round if possible. In the end, I used the impressively hi-tec vinyl cutter at uni to make vinyl lettering. It was painstaking peeling around the letters – but by that point I’d almost finished so I had regained my patience.

This dissertation was a long time coming for me. Many of my friends have written theirs two years ago now. Now I’ve done it too. I was looking forward to it for a long time – and dreading it slightly as well! But it wasn’t so bad, just a lot of hard work, and made me temporarily unsociable, for about three months. Thank goodness the deadline wasn’t at the end of the year.


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