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Mappiness is an iPhone app that tracks where its users are happy. At random times throughout the day, your phone beeps and asks you how you are and where you are.

It’s a really good idea, but its flaw is that people get bored of doing this. It’s probably useful to have the data about places affecting mood – in fact, so useful that perhaps it could even be useful for politicians in deciding where action is needed. Or maybe even designers…

I don’t want to design an app because as Matthew Syed in The Times said, ‘Happiness, it turns out, is a destination that we can only reach when we are trying to get somewhere else.’ An app in itself can’t really make you happy in the long term. You’re actively thinking about happiness when you’re using it. Though it would be very useful to know yourself a bit better, by finding out where you are happy and unhappy.

So ok, this is a pretty good app. I just would prefer to design something non-appy. Something that seems more real. Something that doesn’t just track your moods, but actually lifts well-being through positive things like encouraging and helping along good relationships and nurturing your own skills.

Here’s a good article on Mappiness.


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