Superheroes: 50 things to do

February 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

An idea that surfaced from a recent presentation is to design a well-being superhero. Well-being superheroes are people that spread well-being in the city. They have a strong sense of justice and responsibility to society. Their actions help rescue citizens from factors that hinder well-being: for example isolation and failure to notice the world around you.

This idea needs to be developed. To do this, I am going to try and be a well-being superhero. This is my training. By the end of the year I will be a fully fledged well-being superhero.

Here’s some things to do:
1. Dress up in a catsuit and cape
*2. Dress up in lycra pink dress, belt and cape
3. See which one is better
4. Record the two outfits through film and photography
5. Experiment further with dressing up box at home
*6. Do superhero worthy make up
7. Photograph superhero clothes, make up and props without me in them
*8. Think of a good superhero name – The Smileinator? **Opti-Miss
*9. Look up yellow capes online and see if they’re affordable **not available unless part of a set
10. Buy one or make one

11. Watch Incredible Edible on iPlayer
12. Watch three superhero films over the next two weeks
*13. Print marvel comic generated well-being superhero in colour, as well as the MAC wonder women lipsticks
*14. Analyse superhero catchphrases
15. Create a well-being superhero catchphrase
16. Work out what’s the minimum I need to feel like a superhero – would a superbra help? Or tights that look like almost crotch high boots, with the detail hidden by normal clothing? Or would something visible be ok? Badges? Cape? Logo? T-shirt?
17. Wear a cape as much as possible in the studio
18. What objects/weapons does the well-being superhero have? A smile shooter?
19. What does the well-being superhero actually do? They go to where they are needed to spread happiness… But how?
20. Read marvel comics to understand how plots work

21. Copy a plot and make a comic with bits changed to be about well-being. Gives a basis for what a well-being superhero might do
22. Make a list of 20 things I already do to spread happiness
23. Make a list of 20 more that a well-being superhero could do
24. Find a theme tune that peps me up to feel like a superhero
25. Is there a superhero scent?
26. Find out the superhero average age
27. Get shiny leggings or thigh high boots
28. Make a list of the 10 main well-being superhero traits
29. Draw something to represent each
30. Does the well-being superhero have a sidekick or informer, maybe metaphorical for a support network/organisation

31. Make a list of 30 of my traits
32. What do I not have that a superhero needs?
33. Of what I don’t have, is it supernatural? What can it be metaphorically be translated as?
34. Can I get a superpower from a ‘weapon’ when I’m wearing/holding it?
35. Walk tall. Superheroes are tall and beautiful.
36. Wear cheerful, colourful clothes or black.
37. Speak loud and clear
38. Look into hair extentions to exaggerate hair. Superheroes have exaggerated features, and my hair is my feature.
39. Does there need to be a hidden identity involved or can I be ‘out’ about being a well-being superhero?
40. Make a film of all of this

41. Is it cool to be a superhero? Is it weird?
42. Am I making it cool? How can it be more cool?
43. Who wants to be a superhero? It this mainly people my age? And female/male?
44. Can the well-being superhero fly? It’s a metaphorical superpower that’s not appropriate or inappropriate
45. Mental strength? Instead of physical. The force of ideas
46. Start a blog maybe – maybe rename this blog – adventures of the well-being superhero
*47. Who are the real superhero people that dress in black and fight crime?
*48. Buy white eyeliner for dramatic superhero makeup
49. Think of some questions to ask the real superheroes or actors of superheroes, and if it’s worth it, ask them

As you can see the last one is blank… If you have ideas please comment. Otherwise I bet I’ll come up with more next time I look!

I’m putting stars next to the ones that are done.


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