Final Year Advice revisited

February 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

I think now is a good time to go back and review what Matt said to us at the beginning of the year.

Be productive. Progress your project every day.
Be excited. Take advantage of people and facilities.
Be obsessive. The obsessive ones do well.

Being a good designer takes years to become so don’t worry about representing all of yourself.

The project must be:

Don’t fake it – make it!

Create work you can stand behind ethically and morally.

Start with high ambitions and scale down at the end.

Advice for bad days
Don’t panic.
It’s ok to be miserable, exhausted and tired – this course is hard – you’ll end up better than if you were on an easier course.
Problems are part of process. Deal with them with sense and stucture.
Step back and ask what the project is about – how can I structure it to get out of the problem?
If the tutors don’t like the work, prove them wrong.
Being lost is ok – use the lost days productively.

How to unstick:
Talk to someone
Do something differently (watch a film, draw, model…)
Do something different (work on the oppostive project)
Swap projects
Process potluck – IDEO cards

Kinds of projects
Process driven project: set up a parameter of a way of working. The process IS the project, everything in that parameter is part of the project. Need quantity and variety of quality just good enough to show.
Context driven project: create discourse pieces, observation of personal things.
Design as research: examine self – self turns into research process. Outcome could be manifesto, book, philosophy system.

Think of every detail. Simple, detailed ideas work.

Record process meticulously. Take pictures of everything.

Talk to everyone about your ideas.

Be amazing – change the way people understand design.

Be honest with what you’re interested in. Bring what you’re passionate about in.

At Goldsmiths, it’s about how you communicate your work as design at the end.


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