Superhero deeds for the day

March 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

There are getting to be so many I can’t remember them all in a day.

Buying sweets and keeping them in an old Gameboy pouch to give to anyone I talk to. Only one or very few – I don’t want to promote gum disease!

Cheering up the atmosphere with my cape.

Spoke to a girl getting coffee, when I described my project and well-being I mentioned not getting enough sleep, and she admitted that she hadn’t been sleeping well recently from stress. ‘Well, I’m not really stressed, I just haven’t been sleeping well.’ I said to her that well-being is more important – we go to uni for self-development but well-being is the big thing, more important that grades. I didn’t say it very well – and I haven’t said it well here either. I also ended up saying ‘you are the most important thing in your world’ – which I don’t think I should say again. To me, my family members are just as important to me as myself, so it’s not completely true, and also I don’t want to promote selfishness – quite the opposite. Still, giving to yourself is important as well as giving to others. It’s important to give yourself enough sleep and ‘me’ time for good well-being. That’s what I really meant. Give to yourself – you are important. Anyway, the girl said thank you, which I wasn’t expecting, but I guess throwing a few bits of info out about well-being is one superhero thing a well-being superhero would be expected to do.

I cheered up the coffee man too, we had a quick chat with the next customer, and we thought up a machine that would make time spin faster… I think, I can’t quite remember, it was some kind of machine, my memory is appalling. Also mentioned a machine that would make everything look sunny that I and another guy at a coffee counter talked about. Coffee is a great way of meeting people!

Wrote to my grandma the other day, and she wrote back, saying that writing to them is part of the happiness project. I’m moved by her replies, Papa is not well sand I don’t think he can write any more. I think Nana is grateful for the contact – we live quite far away. I got her card today and I will write back to her soon.

Helped Henrietta with her project for about an hour. She really appreciated it.

Volunteered to do the cloakroom at the ball and trying to get others involved. Slightly resenting this though, there’s no reward in it and a great deal of resistance. What’s in it for me? Nothing. Apart from a slightly bigger fund for the degree show to be good.

Decided to put the Goldsmiths blog for everyone on a back burner. If people aren’t sending in anything, then whatever. It’s meant to be for all of us and people think I’m doing it for my own benefit. I don’t have to do it and I won’t if it’s not making any difference. It can only make a difference if we all come together – I don’t want to be a one-woman show. My energies can be spent better where appreciated. There’s no point in ‘giving’ if nobody gets anything out of it.

Talked to maybe up to 10 people about well-being today, probably 7 people not including the people they were with. Spreading a bit of capeful joy.



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