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What everyday object can motivate you to work harder and be a better person?

According to the above webpage, mirrors make people more self-concious and therefore more likely to follow their inner values – not giving into bullying, being more restrained when it came to potentially hurting another person, and working harder.

By doing a video diary, I look at my face in the computer every day. I don’t stare at myself because it feels weird! I mostly look all around, but to emphasise a point I generally look at the other face in the room – my own in the computer. It’s quite odd at first… well, I’m still not used to it.

Anyway my point is that I’m reflecting in a better way than if I were writing. In writing, actually, I can put things down that I don’t dare to say out loud, and I express myself more poetically. However, through a video diary, there is information that one wouldn’t be able to tell through a written diary – facial expressions, the state of my hair, how energetic I am, how much I yawn, if I cry, if I laugh, how loudly I speak. These are all indications of factors of well-being.

By having myself in front of me for 5-20 minutes each day I am continually reflective. I try to live by my values all the time – and pretty much I do.

You know what else makes people self-concious? Wearing a cape. Try wearing a superhero cape and being mean to someone. You just can’t do it. Superhero capes mean the person inside has got to be well-behaved.


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