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April 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

This isn’t anything to do with this project.

I read Gracia McGrath’s article on the riots, and it said that kids from council estates have no aspirations because they have no role models – they don’t know anyone that works.

A role model is a very good answer, but it reinforces the reasoning behind an idea I had a few months ago. I would really like to make a film series, if it doesn’t already exist, about different careers and what they entail. What do people actually do all day? What do they achieve? There is so much more to design than most people would think. I would like to find out what policitians really do daily and what they find interesting about it. And sound engineers, and pilot controllers, and car designers, and charity workers, and investment bankers. And any other career that has mystery behind it. We know what shop assistants do, we know what waitresses do. If I really knew what policy advisors did, maybe I’d want to be one more – I have an idea but knowing a bit more would persude me.

It’s possible that films about what people actually do all day would be very boring. Maybe most people just read reports on the computer all day. Or maybe the majority of life is admin and editing. And emailing. But emails can be interesting. I want to know the interesting part of the job as well as the boring part. There’s a boring part of every job.

Anyway, these films could be really useful in schools, to show kids what their careers could be like. I suppose if it’s for that purpose they have to be more inspirational and not put in the boring bits. For TV, the boring bits would probably make it more successful. Lord knows, The Hotel and terrible serieses about the banal goings on in a workplace have been very successful.

Yes, I’d prefer to make them as an educational tool. I think it would be useful – I would have found it useful. And I think it’s such a good idea, it’s the kind of thing that would get funding. Setting up aspirations can improve our whole society – kids might want to be something else other than famous. And it might help with the deprived kids Gracia deals with too. If they get into school. The films ought to be entertaining too.

I like my idea, and I’ve directed plays before. If I don’t get a job any time soon I’m going to try and make it happen.


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