Activity cards: two prototypes

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here are the almost-finished activity cards. I’m going to laminate them.

To make the cards, I preferred to cut and stick activities to paper rather than do it all on a computer screen. I hand wrote more activities to make 52 of them – 31 more than my initial 21 for the well-being superhero guide. They are mostly activities I did as The Optimist, and some extra that frequently came up from my research into well-being (sources including positive psychologists, economists, and think tanks).

On the back, each of the cards displays which kinds of well-being they fulfil out of the Five Ways of Well-Being. The cards are divided into four categories: At Work, On The Street, To Do Alone, With Friends. This can help users select which card will be relevant to them today.

Cutting the prints down and folding them took about an hour. There are also two blank cards and a card with all the icons on them, so users can make two of their own activity cards to add to the pack.

They needed to be pressed for a while after folding to make them flat. Laminating them will seal them together, stiffen them and protect them from handling. Ideally I would have preferred better printing quality and to have rounded edges like playing cards, but time is running out and there’s only so much of a perfectionist I can be without sacrificing my well-being!


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