Make-up Box Prototype

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Optimist make up still makes me feel like a superhero, but a secret one. I found that even when I forgot I was wearing it, people looked at me more, and I felt as though they expected me to be the sort of person that interacts with strangers. It made it easier to behave that way, since the social boundaries shifted. Realistically, other people could wear superhero make up better than yellow capes in public. They can relate to the idea better if they can imagine doing it. So, I made a make up box and make up guide for The Optimist make up.

I thought that a thick card prototype might work but the net kept falling apart. So I modelled in foamboard.

Here I was trying make up configurations.

I knew I wanted a ribbon to make the lid steady, but I wasn’t sure how to do it.

This bit was tricky, the first time I tried to put on the snakeprint film it didn’t align right so I had to redo it, which took another hour or so. The grooves are covered in fabric tape.

Deciding on where the ribbon hinges should go was difficult. Seeing that ribbon poke through and knowing that the final decision had been made was a relief. No going back now!

All the yellow paper was made in nets, which was confusing because of the odd shape of the box. It took more time to work out the right shape than to cut it.

Lid done! Now just need to attach it to the box. This bit was fiddly, it was already attached by the ribbons.

Box finished! It works!


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