Potential Titles

April 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

20 Minutes Blackberry Writing

I believe that happiness is the meaning of life.
*I believe that happiness is the very purpose of our existence.
I want to be happy
Superheroes make me happy
Transform my happiness
Eudimonia, schudemonia
*Give yourself happy
Journey into subjective experience
My journey into secret superheroism
Adventures of the well-being superhero
If you really cared about anyone else, bet you wouldn’t hurt me (song lyric)
If you really care about someone else
Help yourself
Take the time and make the effort
Give to laugh
Give to happiness
Giving = happy
Give —> happy
It’s not as easy as you think to smile at strangers
How to smile at strangers
The meaning of strangers’ smiles
*Why red-lipped women have been smiling at you
The Goldsmiths Superhero
Community superheroes
Personal superhero
SuperLook your way to happiness
Comic happiness
*Something else with comic…

5 Minutes Free Pen-on-Paper Writing

Five Ways of Well Being is a lovely thing.
Happiness is the best.
Superhero stuff.
A night in the superness.
A chateau of fun (stuff on desk prompted those two…)
The Joker
Comic key
Give to live
Go get ’em girl!
Cape around campus
Engaged in giving
Punchy feel
Colour from crayon
Super O
Activities to do alone, activities with friends, activities with strangers
Offer Skittles to strangers in coffee queues
Skittles and strangers
Take sweets from strangers
Give sweets to strangers
Say Yes to strangers
Say Good Morning
Good Morning SuperMe!
Good Morning SuperYou
Good Morning, stranger


Give to love
Giving makes me happy
Positive power
The Meaning of Life
The Answer to Everything
What it all comes down to


Sunny is a state of mind
I’ll take any opportunity to make a positive difference
Need detector
Everyone needs someone to say ‘You can do it’


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