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May 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Design is creating something that aims to make the world better. Better, to me, is more meaningful and happier.
Good design is not only creating an effective something to make the world better.

Good design is asking a good question and then answering it effectively.

Half this year was about finding the right question. As the answer developed, so did the question. Half of asking a good question is articulating it well. I knew in my heart what it was, I just didn’t know how to communicate it. Communicating it leads to a good answer, because other people help answering the question.


Design is asking a question and then answering it. Good design is finding a good question and creating an effective answer. The best questions identify real problems. Through the design process, the question can be reformed as unforeseen information is found; flexibility in this allows for more interesting answers.

This is applicable to my project in that I knew without being to articulate it that my project was about what a designer can do to help improve other people’s well-being. Through conversations, theoretical research, film making and dressing up like a superhero, I was able to articulate this, and find out what can improve well-being. I then translated the results of the design research into a framework that other people can use to explore their own well-being. Through prototyping and user testing, the ‘answer’ improved.

I realise that not every designer cares as much as I do about the right question, and I believe this is why design is how it is today. We live in an unsustainable throwaway culture and designers are partly to blame. Not everyone looks at the bigger picture. By defining myself as a designer, I am taking on the scary responsibility of trying to show through my own work that design can do more than create pretty chairs – design can help identify real answers and come up with solutions that truly make the world better.


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