Superhero Badge Workshop: The Results

October 9, 2012 § 1 Comment

With the help of my wonderful interns Sophia, Amber, Tatyana and Gemma, the Superhero Badge Workshop ran four times during Design Week at the Southbank centre. The responses were very positive and people were stimulated to think more about their well-being. There were some very creative ideas about superpowers; it was interesting to hear about the variety of ways that people improve their well-being. Here are some images of the workshop. « Read the rest of this entry »


PSFK Conference

October 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Image from PSFK website.

Have a look at what PSKF had to say about us here.

The conference was held in the Purcell Room in Southbank next to the Queen Elizabeth Hall. There was a fantastic line up of speakers coming from a variety of backgrounds – what they had in common was innovation. I was privileged to be included as a speaker, and I can only hope that I achieve as much as some of the speakers did in my career. There were stories about designing spaces with light and film from the Rockwell Group, and about how the Innocent brand was created.

The experience of speaking on the panel was useful for me; unfortunately I missed some of the talks because I was behind the stage waiting to go on, but I very much look forward to seeing the videos online when they come out. We didn’t have much time on stage so we probably gave out a very limited view of our experience as graduates trying to get work. Halfway through our session I realised that I hadn’t explained the superhero thing, so I tried to reasonably explain why I dressed up for so long to a very mixed audience as part of one of my replies to a question. It was a difficult task but a couple of people asked me about it afterwards in a positive way.

‘For Lior Smith, who spent two months dressed up as a superhero (as part of her final thesis), she wants to make the world a better place, an opportunity not often provided when starting a career, ‘maybe in 20 years we’ll get what we want,’ she commented.’

Video of panel to follow.

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